Smudging Fjer ☾ Fjer Røg Vifte ☾ 25 cm ☾ Nr.10

189,00 kr

Smukke håndlavede Fjer-Vifter til smudge, ritualer og rensning

Fjer-vifterne er lavet af en engelsk, spirituel/clairvoyantisk mand og det her er hans egen beskrivelse af hver unikke fjer vifte:


Smudging feather - handmade


Length : 25cm ( to Turquoise tip )



Ferruginous Hawk, Turkey and Guinea Fowl feathers.


With a beautiful Black and white wrap finishing off the handle.


In native American culture feathers are used as symbolism.


The Hawk denotes guardianship and far sightedness, whilst the Guinea fowl symbolises protection and motherhood. Turkey is indicative of pride, fertility and abundance.


A perfect feather for cleansing and healing work.


All feathers are chosen with the help of my spirit guide to make 1 off handmade pieces due to the unique characteristics of each individual feather.