Rå Multi Herkimer Diamant Ring ☾ HARMONI, LYS & TRANSFORMATION ☾ Belagt med 18 karat guld

399,00 kr

Rå Multi Herkimer Diamant RingBelagt med 18 karat guld

Fra “Daddy Daughter jewelry “

“☾ Artisan jewelry inspired and created by Dan Cohen & Kara Eppcohen.”

“Small batch raw stone jewelry for the bohemian soul ☾ ⋆” 

Hver Sten og ring varierer lidt, på grund af de naturlige ufuldkommenheder råstenene har, hvilket er med til at gøre hver enkelt ring helt unik og enestående.

Grundmetallet er kobber, og blev omhyggeligt formet omkring ringen ved hjælp af en proces, der kan tage alt fra 8-32 timer. Når det er færdigt, bliver ringen slebet og filet til den ønskede form og glathed, og til sidst tumlet og poleret til en spejlfinish. Til sidst er ringen belagt med 18 karat guld.


Herkimer Diamant:

Healing, Forstærkning, livlighed,

Ligesom Bjergkrystal bruges Herkimer-diamanten til healing og rensning.

MenHerkimer Diamantens virkninger er stærkere, da den er den kraftigste af alle kvartskrystaller.

Ligesom andre kvarts forstærker den alle krystaller og giver dem energi med sin intensitet.

Kobber er et jordforbindelsesmetal, der er kendt for at bringe balance og forstærke energi. Kobber er kendt for at øge din mentale smidighed og fokus.

Meet the daughter

Hi, I'm Kara! I'm a plant obsessed, tiny home living, nature obsessed, jewelry creating mama!!! I love being able to let my inner child flow, playing with crystals & crafting beautiful unique jewels!

About Daddy Daughter jewelry  

In the urban setting of Miami, Florida, my father and I craft unique pieces of jewelry. I have always revered my father’s many creative talents; macramé art, painting, interior and exterior design, waterfalls, jewelry creation and helping others as a licensed acupuncturist. Of all his many talents, jewelry design, really stood out in my eyes. When I was 10 years old, my father bought me some semi-precious stones and basic tools for jewelry making introducing me into the art of fabricating my own jewelry. He showed me how to make earrings and necklaces as well as how to work with wire. My 18th year found me mother to a beautiful baby girl, Micaela, and I would soon search out again my old jewelry box with the stones and tools given to me by my father. I decided this would be an opportune time for me to create and design jewelry while raising my daughter.

Everything I have learned in jewelry, came from my father. When he saw that I wanted to begin working again in jewelry, he told my mom, “I’m just going to help her get started.” The next thing we knew, we were making a 50/50 business together which I had the inspiration to call Daddy Daughter Jewelry. That name really says it all. From the basis of what my father taught me in jewelry, I was able to create new designs and we now follow inspiring paths of art together.

In our present jewelry designs we have learned to follow our hearts. This has led us to develop the unique bohemian style expressed in our jewelry today. As we only craft one of a kind pieces, created with natural stones and crystals, our jewelry holds a deep place in my heart. The Very knowledge that someone will buy one of our pieces here in Miami that will then travel to any number of places in the world is both inspiring and deeply rewarding.

I would not want to have made this journey into the art of making jewelry with anyone other than my dad. Together we create jewelry embracing many different styles and techniques utilizing a number of different metals Including brass, copper, silver, and gold and with all natural stones.

I could not have been more lucky to have had the pleasure of working along side my father Dan Cohen for 6 wonderful years, learning everything I know. I will continue to keep your memory and creativity alive.. with you alwyas in my heart Daddy.

Continued in memory of my dad, Dan Cohen. || April 14, 1956 - May 2, 2021